Episode 56: Blowing Up the System

May 8, 2019

On this episode of Tell Me What to Think, Pete and Charles tell you what to think…about “Blowing Up the System!” We discuss how this oft used phrase to describe some radical politicians has different implications when applied to different candidates or ideologies. We also figure out how a seeming…

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Episode 52: 2020 Democratic Field (So Far)

April 4, 2019

On this episode of Tell Me What to Think, we tell you what to think…about the 2020 Democratic Field (So Far). We discuss how we can judge a candidate for president, and then apply those standards to most of the candidates thus far in the race to represent Democrats against…

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Episode 51: The State of the Union

February 7, 2019

On this episode of “Tell Me What to Think,” Charles and Pete tell you what to think about…The State of the Union. We discuss the President’s annual address along with the rebuttals of Stacey Abrams, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes. We also propose our own topics for…

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Episode 46: Progressivism Post-Midterms

December 12, 2018

This week, Pete and Charles Tell You What to Think about…Progressivism Post-Midterms. From Ocasio-Cortez to Ironstache to Bernie Sanders, we sum up the state of the movement after a momentous election. We finish up with a suggestion of a “litmus test” that Progressives must pass, ending the war in Yemen.